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35 Things you’ll relate to if you’ve travelled South East Asia…

Everyone learns something in South East Asia. You have to! You can’t visit a country, with a completely different culture, and not learn something! 

We spent two months in Asia, between Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and speaking to other travellers who have also travelled Asia, we find our thoughts are common.


So here’s 35 things you’ll relate to if you’ve travelled South East Asia…


1. Chang isn’t regulated, you could have 6 beers and feel fine, or 1 and be wasted.

2. Seeing a family of 6 with their pet dog on the same moped is a regular appearance.

3. Haggling is the norm in Asia. 200 baht for a dress? Too much! I’ll give you 100 baht! 

4. 7 Elevens are EVERYWHERE. 3 on the same road? Sounds about right. They will soon become your best friend! Cheap snacks and drinks whilst taking advantage of the cool air conditioning!

5. Sweat is just a part of life now? Shower? What’s that? 

6. One tacky bracelet isn’t enough, you just have to have wrists full of them!

7. Food Poisoning – ‘better out than in I always say!’ – and you couldn’t keep it in if you tried!

8. Speaking of which.. stick to Asian food, the Western food is the killer!

9. Against your better judgement you clambered aboard a motorbike… and most likely came off too!

10. ^^ Asian hospitals get most of their foreign patients from motorbike incidents!

11. You haven’t been to Asia if you haven’t got a selfie with an Elephant.

12. Or another form of wild animal at that matter!

13. There will always be one person who doesn’t see why tiger temples or elephant riding is cruel!

14. You’ve probably braved eating an insect or two.

15. Drinking warm coconut water out of a coconut is a regular thing.

16. Fruit smoothies have never been so cheap, 100baht for a mixed fruit fresh drink. Perfect! 

17. You’ve got at least one sleeper bus.

18. Suddenly a six hour journey is a ‘short’ trip.

19. You’ve probably got travel sick at some point or another.

20. Ferries bring on another level of seasick.

21. You thought you were going to die in a Tuk Tuk.

22. But you loved every second! ‘Again, again!’

23. Once you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all.

24. Asian travel pants are perfect for anything and everything!

25. You can never have too many fake clothes. After all, who can tell the difference anyway?!

26. Blow drying your hair became a thing of the past! Natural is the new look.

27. Living out of a backpack gets boring reaaaal quick.

28. Earplugs and an eye mask are a godsend!

29. There is always one inconsiderate person who comes in at 3am shouting and turning all the lights on.

30. Bottled water is super cheap. 20p for a 1.5 litre bottle means it’s hard to stay un-hydrated.

31. £5.00 a meal is daylight robbery! ‘This is an outrage!’

32. You’ll make friends that will last a lifetime!

33. No other holiday will ever compare!

34. You’ll see some absolutely beautiful beaches! White sand, blue sea – need I say more?!

35. You’ll want to go back as soon as you leave!!


What were your favourite things about Asia?!



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