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Our Top Six Travel Memories…

Six months. A lot can happen in six months. Two seasons pass. An pregnant woman is two thirds through her pregnancy. Or, you could quit your job and travel around the world.

If someone told Steve and I, six months ago, that we’d be back in England, back to looking for work, and back to the cold weather in no time at all, we would have laughed. But now, that is exactly the position we are in.

Long gone are the sweaty days eating Asian cuisine, long gone is the beautiful Fijian sun, and long gone is the adrenaline bungee jumps and skydives of New Zealand.


You know what..

I’m fine with that.

Because I can appreciate that whilst there is beauty in all corners of the world, there is also beauty at home. I am lucky to have the realization that I can travel, whenever, and however I want to. I can now spend time with my family, after missing out on my sisters entire pregnancy, I can spend as much time as possible with my beautiful newborn Nephew. I can catch up with friends, celebrate their lives achievements, new houses, engagements and new jobs, without having to send a card from the other side of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this bubble of bliss will burst in no time at all. But until then i’m happy floating around in it, living a life of freedom.

For now, I can relive the six months of joy Steve and I experienced with my favourite 5 travel memories:

  1. Elephants, trekking and rafting in Chiang Mai – Steve and I can both agree, that while we had many amazing days abroad, this one stands out as our favourite. Spending a few hours with some rescued incredible creatures. Trekking through a green forest to swim in a ice cold waterfall, before white water rafting down the crazy rapids. You can read about this day HERE. 
  2. Mauri Village Tribe – New Zealand – We spent one evening visiting the Mauri tribe, and it was incredible. The Mauri’s came out and performed an opening ceremony, and rubbed noses with our chiefs. Steve was picked to be our chief, which made the experience all the more special. They then taught us different games using sticks, taught us about the different wooden carvings on the canoes, and fed us a huge dinner which was cooked underground – true Mauri style! Yum! We were treated to a performance of song and dance, ended in the traditional Haka! The passion in the room for the tribe was incredible.
  3. Bungee Jumping in New Zealand – as you may know from my previous blogs, I LOVE adrenaline. Doing a bungee was a huge thing for me, as I’d always wanted to do one in New Zealand, but was unsure if I could after getting DVT in Thailand. After being given the all clear, and standing on that ledge, I felt like the world was in my hands. I was free to do whatever I wanted. You can find my bungee video on my instagram HERE, or facebook HERE.
  4. Visiting the Blue Mountains In Australia – The Blue Mountains were always one on my bucket list of Australia. But I don’t think I was quite expecting what we saw when we visited. The national park goes on for miles and miles of forest, mountains and incredible picturesque landscape. The one bad part of the day was the amount of tourists! There’s so many people trying to get that perfect ‘insta shot’. Luckily, after we left the Blue Mountains, we drove 5 minutes down the road and found this secluded little spot which we made the most of to admire the view in peace.
  5. Black Water Rafting in Waitomo, New Zealand – This day was incredible! If you’ve never heard of black water rafting, or assumed it was the same as white water rafting, you need to look this up! Black water rafting is a calm river inside of a cave, that is absolutely FREEZING! We wore wetsuits, jumped backwards off a waterfall into the tubes and floating down the rivers, all the while looking up to see the thousands of glow worms lit up on the ceiling! AMAZING!
  6. Paddleboarding on Gili Trawangan – you’ve seen those Instagram pictures right? The ones that look just too good to be true? Yes. So have I! And that made the desire to paddleboard so high! Steve and I finally got to paddle board in Gili Trawangan, and boy was it worth it! The sea was clear blue, just like the movies and to make it a million times better, WE SAW A TURTLE!! Too cute! It was swimming around us and we got some footage on our GoPro yay!





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