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My Top 10 series to watch whilst travelling…

Travelling can be incredibly fun, visiting new cities, making new friends and seeing new sights. But it can also be incredibly boring! Long bus or plane journeys from one place to another, empty hostels or surprisingly enough even just those few hours you want to spend alone. Sometimes you just need to kick back, live in your pajamas and watch some Tv.

So as we sit on yet another bus journey, desperately trying to load netflix against my rubbish internet connection, I thought i’d compile a list of my top 10 tv series to watch whilst travelling! Most of these are available on netflix or to stream online:

1• Blindspot – this one doesn’t seem to be very well known, but is so good at keeping you guessing at what could come next. A FBI based series on corruption and terrorism when a woman is found naked in times square, covered in tattoos with no idea who she is or where she’s come from. Can the FBI desipher her tattoos in time to solve the cases? 

2• Gossip Girl – I personally loved gossip girl and have just started re-watching it! I never do that! An american based series on the lives of rich, social elites. You’ll be addicted before you know it! And if you fall in love with Chuck Bass, don’t blame me…

3• Misfits – Steve and I have just started the fifth and final season of misfits. (He’s seen it 3 times). With short seasons this is a great one to watch if you don’t want to watch something too time consuming. 5 community service workers get ‘powers’ whilst caught in a freak storm! Personally, I prefer the first 3 seasons with the original characters but it’s a good watch! 

4• Walking Dead – who doesn’t love walking dead? The last few seasons have got a bit slow but I just can’t seem to stop watching. Definately a must watch from me! Rick Grimes and the team battling against zombies and humans alike for survival…

5• Stranger Things – this ones fairly new with the first season only airing in 2016. Set in ‘the goonies’ era, follow four kids battling for survival in a world that isn’t as it seems! 

6• Marvel Short Series: Jessica Jones – I loved this short series released by marvel to netflix! Follow ex-superhero Jessica Jones in her fight against bad guy Purple Man (David Tennant). David Tennant is amazing at playing a phsycotic charactic in this and will have you grasping for more! You can also watch marvels other short series Daredevil and Luke Cage. 

7• Pretty Little Liars – another addictive series, four friends are being blackmailed by ‘A’ after their friends death. Follow the girls trying to find out who ‘A’ could be. Lots of twists and turns are involved in this series and you’ll be screaming at the tv in yet another cliff hanging! 

8• Breaking Bad – I was ADDICTED to breaking bad when I watched it a few years ago! Chemistry teacher Walter White wants to make money when he realises he has cancer, prompting him to turn an old RV into a meth lab along with ex student Jesse Pinkman! 

9• Gotham – Gotham is a DC series following Detective Jim Gordan and his bid to save Gothams justice system. Along the way he befriends young orphan Bruce Wayne, as some of you may know as batman! 

10• Vikings – I havent actually seen this one myself. But Steve watches it and is obsessed! 


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