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Next stop, Fiji! 

After a month in cold New Zealand, we were blissfully excited to fly into Fiji for some tropical sun, clear blue seas and shouts of ‘BULA’ (the Fijian greeting for Hello / Welcome). 

We landed in Nadi airport at 4:00pm on February 14th, Valentines Day. What better way to spend Steve and I’s first Valentines together than in Fiji?! Perfect! As we wandered towards customs, we were greeted with the beautiful sounds of a guitar being played and singing. 4 Fijian men were happily serenading the passengers of flight FJ0410 before shouting ‘BULA’. After a speedy check in through customs, we grabbed our bags from the luggage conveyor and headed to the arrivals area. 

Here we were greeted by our hotel transfer holding a sign stating ‘Topaz Garrard’ with a big grin! He took us towards the minivan and exclaimed ‘What do you have in here? Rocks?!’ whilst putting the bags in the back. Nope.. just 6 months worth of souveniers! 

Our first hotel on mainland was ‘Nadi Bay Resort’. A nice hotel sitting half way between the airport and the marina. We arrived and greeted Bula to the staff, and were shown to our room. We were in an air-conditioned dorm here that we shared wirh 4 other girls.

The restaurant in Nadi Bay Hotel looked quite nice and they had happy hour cocktails, how can you turn that down?!, so we decided to eat there for dinner. The waitress bought us some cold towels to cool off and placed a flower in my hair. She advised us that if you are in a relationship, the flower goes on the right side of your head, if you are single it goes in the left! Steve had a chinese style stirfry, while I had a chicken dish with mash and vegetables alongside a couple of cocktails! The food was delish! If this is a sign of what’s to come then we are happy! 

After dinner, we went for a walk to the shop to buy some water to take on the Islands with us and stumbled across a cinema! The tickets were only $6!! The equivalent to £2.50!! Cheap! Anyone from England knows the cinema is astronomical, at almost £10 a ticket! Don’t even get me started on if you want food or drink! The two films showing were Fifty Shades Darker, or Lego Batman. We decided to see Fifty Shades Darker, which was ok. We were surprised with the cinema! It was comfortable, and at the bottom had a few sofas as well as more chairs! It was packed!! 

 When we got back to the hotel two of the girls in our dorm advised us that they had a couple of days on the Islands, but were advised by the hotel staff, and the ferry staff to travel back to mainland as the weather was so bad they may miss their flight if the boat didn’t go! Whaaaaat! 

Now Steve and I didn’t really think about rainy season in Fiji, we just assumed it would rain for an hour or two, and then be constant sunshine again. Now we were panicking! 

‘What if it rains the whole time?’ 

‘What if we can’t get back and miss our flight?’

‘What if, what if, what if..’ 

If we have learn’t one thing whilst travelling, it’s just to go with the flow. If it rains all week, yes it’s a pain but we won’t let it ruin our trip. If we can’t get the boat back and miss our flight, so what? That’s what travel insurance is for! What if the sun shines all week and we have perfect weather? We don’t want to miss out based on a few ‘what ifs’.

So the following morning, we woke at 6:45am, enjoyed a light breakfast and made our way to the marina to board our first Ferry. We had purchased a ‘Full Monty Coconut Cruiser’ tour through STA. Which was 5 nights Island time, with all our food and activities included. The Islands we were visiting were, Nabua Lodge on Nacula, Korovou Eco-Resort, and Beachcomber. Fingers crossed for good weather! 

Read about our two nights in Nabua Lodge HERE


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