Pattaya, Thailand

Our last stop in Thailand, before visiting Malaysia for a week and then on to Australia! At least that’s how we planned it before it all went wrong! 

We decided our last place to visit in Thailand would be Pattaya for a couple of days, before visiting Koh Tao for some snorkelling, however that soon changed when it decided to rain all day every day; so we decided to stay in Pattaya. Rainy season hey! 

We checked into a 4 bed dorm in The Five-O Hostel and met two guys from India, who were hilarious. Our first night, they told us they were going out for a couple of drinks… and didn’t get home until 9:30am! We thought they’d been arrested or something! But nope, they strolled in at 9:30am, still drunk and full of high spirits! 

A couple of days before we arrived, the Thai King sadly died. This meant the country was in mourning, so there was an alcohol ban on and no where was allowed to show celebration or play music, including bars. We wandered down to Pattaya walking street anyway and went for dinner, and the strip was empty! The once bustling street full of Thai and tourists alike, were now deadly silent in respect. The police patrolled either end of the strip, ready to fine anyone caught celebrating. We decided to head back to our hostel, play a few games of pool and head to bed.

A few days later we headed to the Cartoon Network waterpark, it was quite expensive for Thailand with an entrance fee of roughly £35 each, but we handed over the money and in exchange were handed a pink cartoon network wristband to work the lockers. The sun was shining, and we were full of excitement as we headed over to the waterslides. They had curley slides, steep straight slides, fishbowl slides, skate-ramp slides and so much more! After about 2 hours in the park we discovered a surf area, where you can attempt to surf the waves on a small surf board or a body/boogie board. Annoyingly, just as we were queueing to have a go, the heavens opened and poured down on us. The rain was really heavy, so they shut the big rides temporarily (including the surfing!!). We had paid a lot of money for the park, and figured we were getting wet on the slides anyway, so what did a little (lot) of rain matter?! The surfing reopened after a while, so we ran over eager for a turn. Now, most of the people who were surfing were quite obviously pros, but one man was also a rookie, so he held onto a rope and the instructor talked him through what to do. He picked it up really quick and made it look really easy. Perfect. It came to Steves turn, he grabbed a board, grabbed the rope and lowered himself back into the waves. He stayed standing on the board for a solid 10 seconds before losing his balance and slipping. Now, my turn! I grabbed my board, grabbed the rope and began to move backwards into the wave, uh ohhhh, as soon as my board hit the water, my feet were swept out from under me and I ended up flat on my face!! And to make matters a million times worse, the instructor said ‘why don’t you give it another go’, which just resulted in me repeated exactly what had just happened, spectacularily, infront of everyone. Brilliant! We stayed another hour or so before we were cold, wet and ready for food and a hot shower. 

Unfortunately a few days later, I awoke to a swollen leg and passed out, and after a day in the hospital I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my leg and by my lungs, or as it’s medically known ‘Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT, with a Pulmonary Embolism’. Nighmare! So we spent a week in hospital which you can read about HERE.

After I got discharged from the hospital, we decided to head back to Pattayas walking street. This time, the bustle was back! The streets were full, the music was blasting and the touters were touting. We decided to go and see a ‘ping pong show’, as we were in Thailand! We walked into a seedy little bar and watched in horrors as women pulled razors, smoked cigerettes and much more from places where razors and smoking shouldn’t be pulled or smoked! Eek! 

In the break, 6 girls stood up on the stage, looking miserable as they walked around a pole. We wern’t sure what was happening until we noticed the little numbers pinned to them. They were selling themselves. We then had the horrible realisation that these women most likely did not want to be there, and may even have been forced to do this kind of work. We left the bar and decided to go elsewhere. We walked into what we thought was a normal club, which also turned out to be a brothel. This time it was much worse, 30 girls stood up on a stage, many looked young enough to still be in school, and the numbers on their bodies went as high as the 900s (of which we saw). That’s over 900 woman in ONE club selling themselves, amongst the many clubs down the strip, that’s way too many to count! So we left that club and decided to just head back to the hostel. 

We finally got the all clear to leave Thailand, and fly to Australia! Yay! We had an amazing time in South East Asia, the difference in culture from the UK definately makes it a worth while and interesting place to visit! Thailand for the views, street food and endless markets, Vietnam for the craziness, and Cambodia for the history! We definately hope to be back some day! 

For now, goodbye Asia, hello Australia! 


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