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Light up Hoi An with lanterns…

My all time favourite place in Vietnam was Hoi An. It’s beautiful. How you expect Vietnam to look, that’s Hoi An. The streets are lit up with lanterns and fairylights, a night market filled with Vietnamese hats and endless stalls selling ‘Pho’ a noodle soup dish. 

Our hotel ‘Huy Hoang Garden Hotel’ was really nice, we had a huge king size bed with a fridge, tv, dressing gown and really powerful shower! It was nice to have a bit of luxury after staying in hostels. Our first night we spent in the walking town and explored the nightmarket. We wandered down to the river and admired the lanterns floating down. 

The next morning we enjoyed the hotels free breakfast of banana pancakes, eggs, fruit and toast (yes we had it all!). We spent the day cooling off at the hotel pool as the sun was extremely hot! We headed back to the night market and we designed two dresses and a shirt for Steve from a tailors. This cost us about £70.00 for all three items and when we collected it a few days later they fit perfectly! 

We stumbled across a BBQ style restaurant for dinner, the chefs were cooking on an outside grill at the side of the restaurant and the wafts of smokey meat smelt amazing! The food was a little more expensive for Vietnam but after eating a lot of greasy food we didn’t mind paying the extra for a grilled meal. We had grilled chicken and steak with a side of vegetables and a refreshing (strong) cocktail! Yummy! 

We wandered down to the riverfront, where hundreds of lanterns lit up the river. Specks of red and orange lighting up the darkness of the evening. We bought a lantern and made a wish before lowering it into the river to join the others. 

The night market was bustling with Vietnamese and tourists alike, chattering happily as they wandered the stalls buying gifts and tasting different food such as the huuuuge donut we bought and the not so tempting insects! Eek! 

I loved Hoi An! Out of everywhere we visited in Vietnam it is a pretty little piece of Asia. A town of serenity unlike the busy towns around it. I loved that Nguyen Thai Hoc and Bach Dang, which is where the night market is held is a walking town. Which means no cars or motorbikes are allowed, only walking and bicycles! You can walk in the road without the fear of getting knocked out the way by a motorbike, only other people surrounding you. And I love that the roads are lit up by lanterns and fairylights, no bright streetlights shining in your eyes. It truly is a stunningly pretty little town.


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