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On the road to Pai…

Pai, a little village full of beautiful green views, waterfalls and hot springs. 

After paying 300 baht each for travel in our hostel in Chiang Mai we got in our minibus to Pai. It would take roughly 4 hours to get to Pai, and the journey consisted of 700 twists and turns on a cliff top. 

Sounds scary right? 

It was!! For the first time in Asia I genuinely felt like I may die! These weren’t just little bends in the road, these were full on 180 degree changes in direction, whilst atop a cliff face, looking down into the trees and rocks below. With nothing to protect you from falling should you lose control. Help! 

Luckily, the travel sickness tablets I took knocked me out, so I didn’t have to look for about 40 minutes of the journey. The rest of the way I was tensed up and panicky. But after a deathly few hours we arrived! Upon arrival we were greeted with views of green, green and more green. A welcoming sight to see after the built up city of Bangkok. We were only going to stay in Pai for 2 nights, but after seeing the town (and the journey!), we decided to stay for 4 nights instead. You can read about our amazing time in Pai HERE. 


Fast forward 4 days. 

We were about to leave Pai, and the prospect of the journey ahead lay heavily on my shoulders. Truth be told, I was dreading it. And to make matters a whole lot worse, it started to rain 10 minutes before we were due to get on our minibus. And by rain, I mean the heavens had opened. The roads were flooded. The windscreen wipers had to be on full blast. The fog came out of nowhere. Brilliant!! 

Our driver had no concept of the fact it was raining, or it simply did not faze him. And he still proceeded to drive at 50mph around the twists and turns. That’s 50mph in the pouring rain, with fog so thick you could not see 5 metres in front of the van. There was no way travel sickness tablets could knock me out now. I was on full alert, tensing my shoulders everytime we drove round a corner, holding my breath everytime we sped up. Just pleading we would make it back to Chiang Mai in one piece. 

It seems someone heard my pleas, as after what seemed like hours and hours, we finally made it onto solid motorway. No cliff face drop into the depths below. 

I breathed a sigh of relief and for the first time since boarding the minibus, I relaxed. 


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