The charm of Chiang Mai…

Steve and I arrived in Chiang Mai after our 12 hour night train from Bangkok. Which wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds! We played some cards games, did some crosswords and folded down the beds to catch some Zzz. 

When we arrived we jumped into what was supposed to be a taxi (it wasn’t) to our hostel ‘Chiang Mai Gate Capsule Hostel’. There was also Chiang Mai Hotel which we advised wasn’t the correct place but our driver took us there anyway and then point blank refused to take us anywhere else. So we refused to pay the full amount. Half a journey, half the amount! 

The hostel was a nice clean place with a downstairs communal area for socializing where we met Sean, Jeff, Adrian and Lina. We had checked into a 10 bed dorm, but got put into a 4 bed dorm with no one else in for the week! Lucky us! 

Little did we know, we had arrived on a Sunday. And Sundays were the day of the big night market. So off we trotted to see what it was all about. I thought Bangkoks markets and stalls were big, Chiang Mais night market was even bigger! The majority of the roads in Chiang Mai square were closed off to make way for the hundreds of stalls, pedestrians and performers. We melted into the swarm of people and browsed the endless stalls of desserts, mango sticky rice, sushi, clothes, handmade ornaments, bracelets and so much more! 

We spotted a Thai cafeteria type place brimming with Thais eating food. Where best to eat in Thailand? Where the Thais eat of course! So we followed our bellies to a table where we consumed battered prawn tempura, sweet and sour chicken, sticky rice all washed down with a Chang. 

After a couple of hours of wandering the market we headed back to the hostel to bed. We had an adrenaline filled day tour for the following day which you can read about in my next post ‘Elephants, treks and white water rafting…’. 


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