Off to Bangkok to bid farewell…

The end of Mums two week holiday ended where it began, back in Suvarnabhumi Airport in the cold air-conditioned luxury. I however, will be carrying on travelling for the next 6 months with my boyfriend Steve. 

Bye mum! 

After a tearful goodbye, Mum journeyed up the escalator to board her flight home. This meant I had a long 5 hour wait in the airport for Steve to arrive. (There’s nothing around within walking distance). Thankfully, after getting absorbed into my kindle the time flew by. 

Steves flight finally landed and he walked through to terminal ready for food, water and sleep. After greeting me of course! 

Upon leaving the airport, Steve finally understood what I meant about the Thailand heat as the sheen of hot sweat met his skin. We hurried into a taxi and off to our hostel ‘Nornyai Hostel’. 

Our hostel wasn’t in the best location, but it made up for it with the clean, nice rooms, hot shower and friendly staff. We were a 2 minute walk to the BTS Skytrain, thus becoming our main form of transport. 

The following day we hopped onto the skytrain and paid a whopping 84 baht (£2) for the 7 stops to Siam. If you think trains in London are packed wait until you experience this! We headed to Bangkok Sealife Centre and paid the equivalent of £20 each to enter. 

There were so many cool fish and sea creatures there! From Octopus to giant bright red crabs to illuminus uv jellyfish! We wandered round the aquarium admiring all the sea creatures in their homes of bright blue water, coral and sea plants until our bellies told us it was dinner time. We left to get dinner and Steve tasted his first of many pad thais. 


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