The wonders of The Beach, Koh Phi Phi…

As the ferry approached Koh Phi Phi we stood out on the deck and marvelled at the view. Miles and miles of endless green and blue water stretched out beyond the Island, with limestone cliffs scattered randomly throughout the sea. Now that, that was what you see in the magazines, online, and in the famous film starring good ol’ Leo known as The Beach. 


We docked at the harbour where all tourists had to pay a fee of 20 baht which went towards keeping the Island clean and walked to our accommodation. Our hotel was in the centre of the little town which was perfect! First off, we had to find a clinic to change mums dressing that I mentioned in ‘a fleeting visit to Koh Phangan…’, luckily we were a one minute walk around the corner to ‘Phi Phi Medical Clinic’ which is run by two Thai ladies and three Thai men, this bunch of people were extremely lovely and within the week of daily visits we made for mums dressing and ‘the dreading food poisoning…’ they soon became friends! 

We filled our days with spending time on the beach, eating out in the town and wandering the street market stalls each night before heading back to the hotel to get a good nights sleep ready to do it all again the next day! 

Koh Phi Phi beach is beautiful, white sand and blue waters. Unfortunately we couldn’t do any of the water activities on offer, such as kayaking as Mum still couldn’t get her wounds wet. However we were more than content with lazing away the hours reading our page turner books and watching the world go by. I made friends with a cute little cat who came to see us everyday. After being wary at first due to rabies etc, the cat seemed perfectly healthy and friendly and I avoided being scratched! 

In the evenings Mum and perused the stalls and bought some handmade bracelets and presents for my family back home. I picked three bracelets for myself which ended up back in England with Mum after they got misplaced in her case! Typical! We then went to The Pirate House for dinner, which is right in the centre of the streets and sat on an outside table to watch the world go by. The restaurant is opposite two lively bars where travellers played endless games of beer pong before stumbling home. After testing different restaurants within the area we always came back to The Pirate House, which not only had the best prawn tempura around, but also had extremely friendly staff who didn’t hestitate for a chat when we arrived! 

We were sad to leave Koh Phi Phi, not only because it is an Island of Beauty, but also because this meant the end of mums two week holiday to Thailand and we were soon going to be saying goodbye for the next 6 months! How will she cope?! 


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