A fleeting visit to Koh Phangan…

Next up on the agenda for Mum and I is 3 days in Koh Phangan! After the longest night bus from Bangkok which consisted of broken sleep, toilet stops in the middle of nowhere and travel sickness (you really don’t want to know) we finally reached the ferry stop to Koh Phangan at 4am! Where we sat and waited for a very slow 2 hours!! What on earth could we be waiting for?! 

Ah, this…

That’s right. We were waiting for the sun to rise turning the dark night sky into an array of blues, purples and pinks so we could admire this beautiful view! It was definately worth the wait! 

After taking some time to take in this picturesque view the ferry was finally ready to leave! We all bundled on board and prepared ourselves for the 3 hour trip across the water! 

We arrived in Koh Phangan to be greeted by numerous taxi drivers offering their services. We agreed a price with one lady only to realise she wanted to take both Mum and I, plus my big backpack AND mums suitcase AND our small backpacks all on one single moped! I would say I have no idea how but after seeing one lady with 5 children all on one moped in Vietnam it’s no so much of a shock anymore but that’s a story for a later date! But anywhooo, that was not a risk we were willing to take! We swiftly apologised and jumped into the nearest taxi truck we could see and tucked in with 6 other travellers to make the journey to our resort. 

After numerous stops of ‘oo please say this isn’t mine’ (we’ve all done it), we checked into our resort ‘Haad Son’ which was a lovely little bungalow on the beach surrounded by green plants, relaxing hammocks (not so relaxing when it comes to getting out of one) and giant swings. Perfect for some relaxation! There was also a super cute dog that belonged to the resort who got a lot of cuddles from me! 

Only relaxation was not what we had! Don’t get me wrong, our resort was lovely. But we made the silly mistake of hiring out some peds to see some of the very hilly Island as our resort wasn’t in the best location. Long story short, mum came off her ped, (well more fell off then came off as she was pretty much stationary at the time), which resulted in a nasty cut in her ankle which then had a pebble effect onto daily hospital and clinic visits to get her dressings changed. And a very expensive hospital bill.. ouch! 

It was fun while it lasted! 

The result of said injury! 

This meant the next few days on Koh Phangan were not spent doing anything too adventurous, and instead spent at the beach. Where my poor mum wasn’t allowed to get her wounds wet which meant I had to fill up two big bottles with sea water so she could cool off a little. Remember the heat I mentioned in ‘The hustle and bustle of Bangkok…‘, well imagine being stuck in an oven on the highest temperature, now times that by 10 and not being able to cool down. That was Mum the entire day until I bought her said water for a whopping 5 seconds of ecstasy! 

As a result of the accident, we didn’t get to see much of Koh Phangan, and we didn’t experience a Full Moon Party but I had plans to do that with Steve once he arrived anyway so it wasn’t too big an issue! But we enjoyed what we did see, which was pretty beaches, a lot of greenery which was welcomed after the built up city of Bangkok and lots of yummy Thai food! 

Next it’s on to Koh Phi Phi…


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