Bangkoks Floating Market…

It was Mum and I’s last day in the busy city of Bangkok before moving onto Koh Phangan, and conveniently it falls on a Sunday! It’s almost like we planned it that way..

It would be rude of us to leave without visiting one of the ever growing floating markets! So, we took a drive a little way out of the city until we got to Taling Chan Floating Market. This isn’t one of the biggest floating markets in Bangkok, however it still catches the charm of a new way of eating and shopping for gifts and goodies! Although we knew what to expect, it’s hard to describe the sights we had gone to see. We walked through an undercover market first of all, packed out with back to back stalls with food sizzling away on grills creating a Thai aroma, adding to this were the endless dessert stands adding a sickly sweet fragrance to the air. We walked outside to approach a jetty that floats along the canal. This is where the real action is. Along the edge of the jetty you are greeted by endless Thai men and women cooking food and selling merchandise in boats on the water! 

Like Maria in the sound of music there’s ‘raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens!’ Ok maybe not quite! But there was one of my favourites things there.. food! Endless amounts of food! We ate GIANT succulent king prawns with spicy flavoursome thai dipping sauce, tender chicken satay with peanut sauce, red tilapia and did I mention – GIANT PRAWNS! Yummmmmmy! We ordered our food and sat cross-legged on the floor at a table on the jetty with everyone else and filled our stomachs with said food. There’s no fine dining here! 

After we couldn’t eat any more food (I probably could to be perfectly honest) we decided to get a long boat ride down the river, which only cost us 60baht!! Not 2500baht like the time you can read about in the post ‘the scams really do happen. I should know…’

This boat was packed full of tourists from all aspects of the globe and it took us down the canal where we saw golden temples, Thai ladies selling bread so we could stop and feed the fish, a Thai gentleman selling sticky bamboo rice (a popular thai dessert), and lots of shacks where the Thai lived. 

If I get a chance to visit Thailand again, I will definately be visiting another Floating Market! It is a huge insight into what the Thai culture is all about and what better way to meet others than to sit crosslegged on a table with complete strangers to tuck into some yummy food! 


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