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The scams really do happen! I should know…

It happens to everyone, when you’re a tourist in Asia you stand out like a sore thumb, which also means you’re like a huge bullseye in a haystack of needles for scammers. Of course it was going to happen to Mum and I, it just so happened that it was on our second day in Thailand! I mean come on!, give us a chance to settle in first! 

We started our day blissfully floating along on the prospect of another day in Bangkoks busy streets until that was cruelly and cleverly transformed into ‘how could I have fallen for that?!’ 

We planned to visit the famous Grand Palace, numerous buildings and landscapes that make up the heart of bangkok. From both photos and in person the views are really spectacular. We relived the excitement of the previous nights Tuk Tuk to take us there. On arrival our ‘trusty’ Tuk Tuk driver advised us that the Temple was currently closed for Prayers and would reopen in 1 hour to the public. Which was conveniently just enough time to take a long boat tour around the river to see the sights from the river and visit the floating markets. ‘Perfect!’ 

After bartering with the organisers of the boat we managed to reduce the price from 5000 baht – roughly £100 for this hours boat trip to 2500 baht – roughly £50. ‘Half price! Sweet!’ It was only as we got into our private boat tour and started moving away that the bubble burst and the dreaded feeling of regret sunk in. ‘I think we’ve been scammed.’ 

In fact, our tour of the city by boat was in fact a grand old view of nothing. We saw lots of dirty canal water and the floating market turned out to be one elderly lady attempting to pressure us to buy merchandise we wern’t interested in. Brilliant! 

We reached the end of this anti-climatic tour and walked away from the boat, never to look back. We had well and truly learnt our lesson! When you look back at it, when you’re paying 100 baht for a nights accommodation, nothing in Thailand should cost 2500 baht! Oh well, you just brush it off and start again! Onwards and upwards from here! 

We did however take another long boat tour when we visited the floating market, which you can read about in tomorrows blog post ‘Bangkoks Floating Markets…’ which only cost us 60 baht each and was filled with a lot more scenery! Be wary of what you spend your money on and if your guts telling you somethings not right, then it’s probably not! 


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