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The Hustle and Bustle of Bangkok…

This is it! I’m off on my journey of a lifetime! That 220 days since my blog post January in a daydream… has flown by! 220 days of excitement (I really was like a child at christmas.. or like me at christmas normally). I have savings in my pocket (not literally), have said a tearful see you soon to my family and friends and have my extremely heavy backpack on my back! I am going to have some big muscles after this! 

First stop – BANGKOK! 

Mum and I landed in Bangkok after a 16 hour plane journey from London Heathrow. Did someone mention jetlag? And we were thrown straight into the hustle and bustle of bangkok! We walked out of the nice cold air conditioned luxury of Suvarnabhumi airport straight into a sheen of sticky heat instantly ready to make us sweat more than a 2 hour gym session! ‘Please tell me i’ll get used to this in the next hour’.

Our taxi driver had absolutely no idea where our hostel was and after 2 hours!! of driving in circles and asking multiple passerbys, we finally located ‘Rimklong’ a pleasant little hostel located a 15/20 minute walk from the infamous Khao San Road. (Let me note, our 2 hour taxi journey only cost a whopping 500 Baht! £10! This is a sign of cheap times to come!) . The lady on reception was extremely welcoming and took us to our room and showed us where we could make tea, coffee and breakfast the following morning and then pointed us in the direction of all the sights on a map.

We decided to beat the jetlag and headed straight to Khao San Road for dinner. It was buzzing! Now don’t get me wrong, Khao San Road is extremely touristy! Full of backpackers boozing until the sun comes up, but you can’t visit Bangkok without taking a trip there! Within seconds of approaching Khao San Road you can smell the aroma of Thai food wafting through the night air. Hurds of men and women selling selfie sticks, handbags, clothes and the ‘delicacy’ simply known as insects. Now I have a HUGE fear of spiders, alive or dead it doesn’t matter. So it’s safe to say the experience of this tray of cooked blackened tarantulas being pushed in my face was enough to give me nightmares for at least a week! We ran as far away from the ghastly insects as we could and found a little cart on the side of the road with smells good enough to draw even the fussiest of eaters in! We ordered a Pad Thai each full of noodles and prawns with a side portion of crispy Spring Rolls and a refreshing Singha beer which was a grand total of £6 and was delish! 

We wandered up Khao San revelling in all the different sights that approached us. And avoiding those insects still! Until temptation took over and we decided to get a £3 foot massage whilst watching the world pass by. The one word to describe how we both felt at this point would be ‘bliss’, complete and utter bliss. (Ok maybe not 1 word..). This set us up for a perfect nights sleep to recover from our jet lag! So.. back to the hostel it was!

We hopped into a Tuk Tuk and whizzed through the busy streets back to our hostel like a go-kart! With no sides and a crazy Thai driver we screamed like kids until our feet touched solid ground! ‘We survived!’ .. let’s do it again!!  

We were both fast asleep as soon as our heads touched the pillow! Ready for another day of excitement and truth which you can read about in my blog post The scams really do happen! I should know…


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