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When Covent Garden comes to life…

Following on from my previous blog post ‘Camden Town captured my heart’ I thought I’d share the rest of my day in the big city London.

Covent Garden, the land of theatre! No matter which way you leave Covent Garden there will be a theatre within walking distance (pretty much over the road). There is the Adelphi Theatre currently showing Kinky Boots, Ambassadors Theatre showing Stomp, Apollo Victoria Theatre showing Wicked (one of my all time favourite shows….defying gravity!), Her Majesty’s Theatre showing Phantom of the Opera, Lyceum Theatre showing Lion King and New London Theatre showing Warhorse. These are just a few of the popular shows at the moment but Covent Garden has in total FIFTY ONE theatres of all sizes!

One of the things I love about Covent Garden is that it is always buzzing. No matter what time of day you visit, there are markets, street performers, musicians and plenty of people wandering around!

Mum and I arrived in Covent Garden around 3pm. We joined a crowd that had gathered around a street performer. He was dressed as an inflatable batman, on an unicycle, juggling three sharp knives in the air.. need I say more?!. After a near miss when he asked a bystander to throw him up the knives, and one very very nearly dismembered him, it really was as funny as it sounds, we decided to wander around for a while.

We had a quick walk through the ‘Apple Market’, and wandered inside. We were met by devine smells of Italian food matched with the angelic sounds of a group of musicians playing violins and chellos.

Food time! My favourite time of the day of course..! After wandering around drooling over various menus we decided to eat at Boulevard Brasserie, an intimate French brasserie located on Wellington St. Read about our experience on my blog post ‘A little piece of heaven fell on my plate’. Coming Soon!

We finished our exciting day off with a trip to the New London Theatre to see Warhorse. Warhorse is a play based on the book by Michael Morpurgo, and has been adapted for stage by Nick Stafford. Read my blog post ‘Warhorse, hit me in the heart strings’ (coming soon) to hear my thoughts on the popular show!




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