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Camden Lock captured my heart…

Last Monday mum and I ventured to London to take a visit to Camden Town. Living only an hour on the train from London I should make more of a regular occurence to spend the day there, but with it being the capital of the city, just a single day can be quite costly (and well I am saving to travel the rest of the world!).


I bought mum tickets to see Warhorse in theatre for christmas (good daughter, I know!) which was in Covent Garden but we wanted to wander Camden Lock first on search of hidden treasures!

Endless stalls filled Camden Lock. Each one filled with hidden wonders suited for everyone. Rustic jewellery, colourful paintings which would be understated if I told you they were amazing, and dream catchers in any colour you could only imagine. (I loved dream catchers as a kid, like peter pan believing in fairies, I believed dream catchers would really catch my nightmares!).


We took a stroll down to the food stalls to see what was on offer and the world was our oyster! There was jerk chicken from Jamaica, tacos and burritos from Mexico, kebabs from Turkey and many Crepe stalls loaded with endless toppings, nutella, strawberries, banana, peanut butter, (Could you wish for any more?!). We decided to go with paella, an absolute favourite dish of mine, and boy it did not disappoint! Mussels, prawns, calamari and vegetables loaded into paella rice is like heaven on a plate to me. Whilst we were sitting down to eat, I had the realisation that whilst I am travelling Asia in 6 months time, this style of food and eating would become my go-to.

Camden Lock captured my heart in a rustic / back to basics way, and I look forward to returning one day (more likely on a weekend when they have even more available!).

Read about the rest of our day in Covent Garden and seeing Warhorse in theatre in my next blog post ‘When Covent Garden comes to life…‘.


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