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Sorry how much?! 

Today led me to London for a recruitment consultant interview! With half an hour to kill before entering the 3 hour interview, I decided to grab some food and a coffee as it was freezing! 

I wanted food that was, a) reasonably healthy, b) fairly quick, and c) not going to cost an arm and a leg! 

The nearest place to the office I was about to head into was Pret-A-Manger (a coffee shop chain), ‘perfect, I can grab a quick soup or panini to have on the go’… ‘Woah?! £4 for a cheese and tomato panini? Even more for anything more exotic, £5.75 for a small pot of quinoa? This is daylight robbery!’ Now bearing in mind I cook quinoa quite regularily, and a bag that lasts me a good 8-10 portions costs around £1. I could not justify spending £5.75 on the stuff!! 

In the end I walked out with a £2.45 small Mocha and headed to the next shop along, Greggs, regretfully abandoning the healthy option as I was running out of time, I walked out with a £1.45 chicken bake. 

Now there is plenty of healthy places to eat in London if a) you have the time and b) you don’t mind spending more than usual! If you are planning on visiting London, the best thing to do to save money is either bring lunch with you, or pop into a supermarket to buy something instead of a coffee shop chain! (I know it’s hard! They are everywhere!!) 

I’ll have to bear this in mind if I get the job, and make sure I am not lazy and buy food everyday! For now, I have the tough decision to push travelling back, or leave a job that could potentially be perfect for me. That’s if they even want to hire me! 

Definately the hardest decision i’ve had to make in a while! 



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