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My 10 best pageturners…

 There is nothing more appealing to me than sitting down with a good book that you just can’t seem to put down! Whether it be on the beach or in the garden in summer, or curled up in your pajamas with a cup of tea in winter! 
Nowdays alot of people use kindles, and they are such handy inventions! Perfect for travelling as you don’t have to fill your bags with heavy books. But to me, there is something comforting about turning a paper page in a book, and being able to see how far you are through by how many pages are left. (And then debate what you’re now meant to do with your life?!) 

Here are my top 10 reads that I just could not put down…

1. My best friends girl – Dorothy Koomson – I am a HUGE fan of Dorothy Koomson, she is my favourite author and I own every one of her books (obsessed I know!). I picked up my best friends girl years ago in a charity shop for £1!! I’ve also just found out she is releasing a new book in May this year! Yay! 

2. The Hunger Games trilogy – Suzanne Collins – whether you’ve seen the films or not, you need to read the books! They are so much more indepth and real pageturners! 

3. Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling – an old faithful, need I say more?

4. A Cuckoos Calling – Robert Galbraith – this book is actually written by J.K Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. A detective trilogy based on a private investigators life that will have you second guessing that boring career choice for a life of PI! 

5. Fifty Shades of Grey – E. L. James – i’m sure there is no need for me to explain this one! If you havent read it, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, I put it off for years but when I eventually got round to reading it I realised what I was missing! Although be prepared for some ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ looks if reading this in public! 

6. Can you keep a secret? – Sophie Kinsella – a girl who spills her lifes secrets to a stranger on a plane? To then realise he is her companies founder! Awkwaaaard! 

7. My Sisters Keeper – Jodi Picoult – if you’ve seen the film, then you know this is a major tearjerker! The book does not disappoint and you will be left with tears running down your face! An amazing story about the struggles of Leukemia! 

8. Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks – this is one of my all time favourite films (and it helps that Josh Duhammel is a nice bit of eye candy!). All of Nicholas Sparks books are cute little love stories! 

9 & 10. The Year I Met You – Cecelia Ahern & A Parcel for Anna Browne – Miranda Dickinson – these I picked up yesterday on my lunch break (2 for £7 in tesco!), so I am yet to read them! I’m excited to get into my pajamas and curl up with one of them! 

These are my favourite (8) books at the moment, I would love any recommendations or to hear your thoughts on these books! 

I told you I was obsessed! 


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