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January in a Daydream…

It’s been two weeks; forteen days since I booked my tickets to travel the world leaving September. Two weeks; forteen days of daydreams planning what I am going to be doing when I am away.

Every spare moment I have it seems is spent researching the different countries I will be visiting! This brings me excitement at the prospect that in 220 days I will be getting on my first plane of the trip and watching the hours flash by out of those tiny windows! 220 days until I will say goodbye to my family and friends for 6 months (thank god for skype and facetime), and 220 days until the adventure i’ve been dreaming of for 6 years finally begins! 

 The few people I know who have been travelling have had their ears chewed off by me, for both the good, and the bad experiences! (My friend Nicole got dragged along by a moped.. And nearly died cliff jumping.. But that’s a story for another time!) 

The Lonely Planet guide books are perfect for researching a country! Filled with recommendations for hostels, restaurants and activities, if they didn’t weigh so much you could take them with you and avoid the internet completely! The Best travel tips ever is perfect, it’s handbag size so you could take it anywhere you want and it’s filled with tips on packing – and re-packing, vaccinations, sicknesses, local culture and money tips! Everything you need in a bitesize book! 

January seems to have flown by! And I seem to have spent it in a daze. Was it really christmas a month ago today?! I have so long, yet so near until I leave! The months go by so fast and I still have so much to sort! Visas, Vaccinations, travel insurance.. And that’s just the boring bits! 

So heres to another 220 days of daydreams, until on that 220th day, My daydream will turn into a reality! 


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