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Working to Wandering

In 230 days, on 1st September I will be stepping on a plane to begin my 6 month trip around the world. Will I come back? Who knows? All I know, is that for 6 months I will be experiencing new adventures, meeting new people from all cultures, and seeing some beautiful sights along the way. 

Some of the top must do’s on my list are:

Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef – of course this is a must do, being a little bit nervous of the sea (as silly as it sounds I hate the openness of the ocean) I am hoping to beat this fear and see some incredible fishies! 

Trek the Blue Mountains in Australia – This is something I am really looking forward to doing! Looking through endless pictures of the mountains and waterfalls I am excited to experience them myself! 

Eat some traditional thai / asian food from the markets – I love thai food! There’s a cute little thai restaurant near me, Manolys, and I love the Tom Yum Goong (thai prawn soup with lemongrass and a almight kick of spice). I am looking forward to tasting this in asia, I just hope I don’t get a bad belly! 

Bungee jump in Taupo – The skydives done, the next thing on my list is a bungee. A little harder seen as I have to actually jump myself! Aaah!! 

Visit Eli Creek in Fraser Island – A freshwater creek, has the purest water supply and is drinkable! You can supposedly float down the creek to the sea! 

Sea swing in Gili Trawangan – There is a swing in the sea, which makes the most beautiful silhouette photographs against the sunset! 

These are just a few on my list of endless places to go, I would appreciate any recommendations! 


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