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Jump into spontaneity…

Or in my case, jump out! 

When my mum asked me what I wanted to do for my 21st last year I don’t think a skydive was the expected answer. Maybe a handbag.. Some makeup.. Or even jewellery, but come on, this is the girl who spent her previous birthdays crawling through the mud on an army assault course.. She needs a little fun in her life! 

It was only once mum had kindly contributed to my skydive and i’d got it booked that I then thought (whilst laying in bed contemplating lifes choices) ‘uh oh, what have I got myself into’.

At 6pm on 20th September 2015, after months of delays and then hanging around all day due to bad weather and the local airport taking over the airspace (I was a very grumpy girl), I finally got to have my turn! I excitedly put on the horrible purple jumpsuit that made me look like Violet from Willy Wonka (the swollen version), and bundled myself into the rickety old plane, leaving my mum a bundle of nerves on the ground. 

After doing some majorly cringeworthy filming in the plane we finally reached altitude! This was it! Ian (my tandem) asked how I was feeling, ‘so excited! I can’t wait!’ He laughed and claimed I wouldn’t be saying that when i’m sitting on the edge of the plane. 

The door opened and Ian hop/shuffled (most awkward thing ever when you’re sitting on someones lap) over to the edge. Before I even had a chance to look down and try and spot the tiny dot that was my mum, we were falling! 


Just wow.

Now there is no way to describe falling out of a plane except for pure euphoria. I  felt like I could do anything in this moment, free from the burdens of life and all I could think was just ‘wow’ (and jeez was it always this cold?!). And then.. I fell through a cloud. And that was like a harsh shock to reality, I caught my breath as my body seemed to freeze and I couldn’t see my hands right infront of my face. 

We exited the cloud and were floating, like two happy butterflies flying down to earth. Ian let me take control of the parachute and I spun us in a few circles, whilst screaming ‘THAT WAS AMAZING’ (sorry Ian if you’re deaf in one ear). 

That was when I noticed the views, miles and miles of endless countryside, continuous green. This was one of the most beautiful sights and I just relaxed and took in as much as I could. That was when I spotted my mums flurescent pink trainers!! Waving manically and looking on the verge of tears that i’d made it down in one piece whilst the purple blob came into land.

If I could advise anyone with a sense of adventure (or even if you don’t) to do a skydive, I would! It is singlehandedly the most amazing thing I have done and I can’t wait to do it again someday! 


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