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Flashing lights in the big city! 

A country with all 51 states, but we’re only interested in one special place! We hope you have a great time mum, because… LAS VEGAS HERE WE COME!’ 

Almost 3 years ago my sisters and I wrote a poem for our mums big FIVE-O (21 plus the rest in her eyes!), this poem was to announce where we were taking her to celebrate..Vegas! A few months and a lot of happy tears later we were standing in the boulevade made famous for it’s incredible hotels and nightlife.

New York, New York!

4.2 miles of hotels, casinos, street performers and shopping malls filled our days! Each hotel I walked into, I thought ‘surely this can’t outdo the last one’, but they are all so amazing and SO different it just blew me away! 

My favourite hotel on the strip was The Venetian, a 36 story, 120,000-square-foot of casino, with an Italian theme! The hotel uses Venice as its design inspiration and includes famous landmarks such as Palazzo Ducalore, The Lion of Venice column and Piazza San Marco! St Marks Square at the Grand Canal Shoppes is a replica of being in Italy, with a river running through the centre with gondoliers propelling gondolas whilst singing to give that real Italian feel! This is the perfect place to find a seat in one of the cute restaurants and admire the views and sounds of Italy. 

St Marks Square at the Grand Canal Shoppes



The Bellagio is one of the main attractions on the strip, famed for it’s elegance. Now we wanted to save the Bellagio for our last night so in the meantime we sat outside Paris Hotel in a cute little Al fresco restaurant called Mon Ami Gabi (which serves amazing steaks!) and observed the beauty of the fountains opposite. We found this was the most relaxed view of the fountains without the crowds pushed up against the railings. 

The Bellagio

Our initial thought of The Bellagio was ‘boy it’s christmassy in here’ – now bearing in mind we visited in December, we had not seen a single bauble, strand of tinsel or decor anywhere else! The main room of the Bellagio was nowhere to be seen amongst the fake snow, reindeer, santa grottos and giant baubles filling the room! 

Christmas has come to the Bellagio! 

One thing about Vegas I wasn’t a fan of was the strong perfumes sprayed through the airvents (neither was my pregnant, hypo-sensed sister). Although it made the hotels smell nice, I personally found it a little overpowering, especially when stuffed after a huge dinner! 

These were my favourite parts of Las Vegas, however I have compiled a list of other must dos when visiting…

Jersey Boys at The Paris Hotel – An amazing show worthy of seeing, unfortunately when we went I was so knackered out from the endless miles of walking that I struggled to keep my eyes open, this didn’t stop me wailing like a cat to the hits.. Sherryyyyyyyy, sherrrry baaabbbyyy! 

Madame Tussauds at The Grand Canal Shoppes – This was a fun way to relax during the day, and I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to kiss JT?! 

Shopping in one of the many (and I mean many!!) outlets – So pretty much every hotel has a huge shopping centre hiding somewhere within it’s halls! For some outlet prices take a trip down to Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, situated 5 minutes from the Famous Las Vegas Sign you will find some jaw-dropping deals in many designer stores! 

Wander the boulevard observing the street performers – The amount of them are endless! I must have seen about 50 Alans from the hangover! Original hey! 

Here’s some of my favourite photos from my trip:

We stayed in the Luxor!


Caesars Palace




New York, New York


Jt.. Need I say more?!


Teaching MJ to moonwalk! 


Shops, shops.. And more shops!


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