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I may be bias but…

… In the words of Dorothy ‘There’s no place like home’. Except my home doesn’t have a yellow brick road and cute little munchkins, my home has the longest pier in the world, and some of the best sunsets i’ve seen! 

6am sunrise shot from my back garden! 

Southend is more than just the ‘fake tanned, covered in makeup celeb wannabes’ that towie make it out to be. It’s true what they say, beauty is all around us if only you are open to it. 

I’m incredibly lucky to live by the seafront (even if the beach is more stones than sand) and one of my favourite things to do is run along the beach whilst the sun is setting. 

  Beach run just before sunset

I have compiled a list of must do’s when visiting Southend…

1. Visit the beach / pier – Whilst the beach is mainly stones, when the sun comes out the beach is packed full of families! Kids crabbing in the crab pools is a fond memory of my childhood, and with Thorpe Bay Yacht Club there are always sail boats out on the water!  Southends pier is the longest in the world and a lovely walk in the sunshine (or even the wind if you are brave enough!). 

2. Visit Old Leigh – Old Leigh is a 5/10 minute drive from Southend high street and is a cute little fishing village on the seafront. It is renown for it’s cocklesheds and pubs and in Summer every day it’s packed out with beer garden lovers. 

3. Leigh broadway – For those of you who like to shop or eat, Leigh Broadway is the place to go! With lots of little boutiques it is more upmarket than Southend High Street! There is also amazing places to eat, The Estuary is one of my favourite restaurants, the goats cheese salad there is to die for! (Salad.. I know! Don’t knock this one until you’ve tried it!). Or for something more simple Henry Burgers is also amazing, as the name states they do a variety of burgers, and they do some of the nicest cocktails around here! 


This is one of my favourite photos i’ve taken of Southend, and it was my phone background for well over a year! 


Taken from the top of the cliff above Old Leigh.


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