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Start the New Year with good intentions…

New year, fresh start’ – or so the saying goes. Don’t wait for a new year or a ‘Monday’ to change old habits, however, as 2016 has just begun, make this the year of possibilities!! 

Whatever your dream may be, ridding bad habits could be the difference between this staying a dream or becoming a reality. I have shared some of my top tips to kick those bad money spending habits…

1. Scrap the loose change – Now if you’re anything like me any loose change in my purse goes straight in the vending machine at work to fix those hunger pangs! Solve this by buying a china piggy bank (the kind you have to smash to access) and get into the habit of storing your change here. Not only will you have a nice surprise when you eventually do smash it but your waist line will thank you too! 

2. Set yourself a weekly budget – On top of putting aside a hefty chunk of my wages towards my travel fund, I also set myself a weekly budget. Every Monday I will draw this money out of my account as cash, and at the end of the week any cash I have remaining goes into above said piggy bank.

3. Ditch the weekly alcohol –  Now nobody wants to ditch their social life entirely. I made a promise to myself that I would still see my friends when I can! And for those events that do involve partying, I have resolved to drive instead of drinking. This not only saves me around £30/40 wasted on alcohol, but also leaves me feeling refreshed in the morning whilst everyone else nurses their hangovers! Perfect! 

4. Do you really need that…? – ‘Wow, I need those shoes’, ‘I can’t be seen in the same outfit again!’. So heres probably the hardest part about saving, it’s easy to splash the cash on material items. Don’t impulse buy, could you borrow an outfit from a friend / mix and match prior outfits / dig out that dress you havent worn in a year and forgot it even existed! 

5. Be realistic!! – My mum has told me this so many times I can’t keep count! Don’t set unrealistic goals, stick to a realistic time scale even if it means pushing back your plans. As spontaneous as it sounds, I am sure being stuck in the middle of a strange country with no money to get home isn’t any fun! 



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